Stephe let Cynthia play his guitar.

I became quite astonished by his sudden change of mood.

I had a hard time getting in.

Green leaves are coming out little by little.

We know you like him.

Roger took advantage of me.


That plan's bound to fail.

I passed a language test.

The cost of living is very high in Tokyo.

The Japanese language has honorific expressions.

I want to go to town.

I suggest that that is not the solution.

Where did you find them?


He read a book all morning.


They are equally matched in their knowledge of English.

Give me a chance to prove it.

I'm a Christian.

I kind of expected you to come alone.

I had my brother repair my bicycle.

With all of his tricks he has mastered, he will be able to deal with any formidable client.

His unusual behavior aroused our suspicion.


Listen, I think that you are barking up the wrong tree here.


I love my daily life.

Everybody is sore.

We know each other so well that we can almost read each other's minds.


Aren't cookies delicious?

The shoes are worn out.

Good morning, you sleepyheads!

You have done what you needed to do.

This area's off limits.

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I don't like heavy makeup on a young girl.

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That's what you told me.

I think Jeany is humorous.

Is there anything you want me to burn?

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She accelerated her car.


Hotta said that's very uncommon.


It rained heavily in the morning.

I think you should go.

They swam with the dolphins.


Soohong gets up before dawn most mornings.

We'd be blamed for that if it happened.

She is always out to make a buck.

You know your rights.

The earth goes around the sun once a year.

I've got something for them.

Timothy couldn't face it.

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She's wondering where the key is.

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Saul asked Nikolai when the last time she had seen John was.

You don't have the right to work at the meeting room.

Thanks for spending so much time helping us.

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The bathroom is next to your room.

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She was young and foolish.

As of 1991, the population of this city is around one million.

Do you really want to wait till Pantelis shows up?


I'm not deaf.


Hand me that oven mitt.

We need to develop a marketing plan.

What a big house you have!

There were police everywhere.

It's on the tip of my tongue.


I cannot plant trees here. This land is too dry.

This is getting creepy.

I love this school.

Does Johnathan want to go home?

I don't know what Jock paid for it.

Kay doesn't really mean that, does he?

They said he would have been ill.


I would not have you other than you are.


Food is a basic necessity.

You should go back to Jef's.

Translating this text will be very simple.


That amplifier doesn't work.

The suspects will face charges for importing and possessing drugs in a Sydney court.

From this point of view we should say he was right.


What does this sign say?

Jacques is playing darts with Tim.

The girl hired by the shop to attract customers is quite cute and every time I go there I end up buying a lot of things.


He's sure that he'll win the game.


We're waiting for Hunter to finish doing what we asked him to do.

The police could not establish the identity of the man.

I saw a bottle of black hair dye in the medicine cabinet.

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If I were a foreigner, I probably couldn't eat raw fish.

Hitoshi is somewhat pessimistic.

Tell me more.

How many guards were there?

Get your own place.

That old trapper knows the sheriff.

Things won't change too much.


The impact of Emmet's theory on physics has been widely discussed, but this is not my concern in this paper.

Christian was Jaime's third husband.

What's behind the wall?

It is certain that he will come.

How do you want to do this?


She communicates well with her teachers.

Pull yourself together, Christina.

We haven't done that all year.

It's really neat.

This is Alastair's idea, isn't it?


He's a good guy now, so he'll make a good husband in the future.

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I can't get you out of my head.

Our conscience is the witness to our most secret crimes.

One way is not better than the other.

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How do you say XXX in English?

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Where were you?

It does kind of make sense.

Fees are about to go up.

I wish I hadn't cried.

They fought to the last man.

I'll put off my visit to England till the weather is warmer.

You're cultured.


I don't think there's any chance that Toft will believe that.

I heard Shel was mugged.

OK, so that's it for me. Now I'll hand things over to the next speaker.

He told the bookstore keeper that he would come there again to buy the book that afternoon.

He said nothing as to that point.

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I'd like you to come with me.

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He has lived in Kobe for three years.

You seem to ask Omar a lot of questions.

They were drinking dry white wine.

I've heard that Boston is a dangerous place. Is that true?

Whether he will be offered the scholarship or not is still in the air.

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I blame Brendan for all of this.


We couldn't help being friends.

Both of my parents have passed away.

The physicist was aware of the potential danger of nuclear fusion.

I'll do whatever I can to help out.

It's too bad you don't want to accept my decisions.

My brother is a moron.

He's trying to muscle in on my territory and get a piece of the action.

I'm unprepared for this.

He cannot walk, let alone run.

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In the days of the ancient Incas, it was the largest city in America.

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We can't rule out anything yet.

This town's way of thinking is rotten.

I'm using that cup.

Konstantinos is sharpening his pencil.

I never get seasick because I am used to traveling by boat.

Enjoy the day.

Any student with an I.D. card has access to the library.


Straka made a dash for the front door.


She and I usually have the same opinion.


I must contact him.

I didn't benefit from this exchange.

It just turned out that I had to do it.


We'll have to try and make the best of it.

Real works at night.

They never admit their own mistakes.


For example, this is a love song.

That didn't work.

You shouldn't have gone there by yourself.

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Milner and Alexander helped us out.


He took a shortcut through the forest.

Dan didn't even take basic anatomy classes.

Did you know that Ted doesn't have a driver's license?